Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson is one of the greatest athletes of all time. While playing running back for the Los Angeles(now Oakland) Raiders(pro football), afterwards starring as a outfielder for the Kansas City Royals(pro baseball). In college Bo won the Heisman trophy, a honor awarded to the best player that season(college football). He is in both the NFL(National Football League)  and MLB(Major League Baseball) Hall of Fame.

Bo Jackson is easily the best all around athlete of all time!

Bo Jackson is easily the best all around athlete of all time!

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham is an American football tight end for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He played only one year of college football at the University of Miami, after playing four years of college basketball, and was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. 

Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, Jimmy Graham and Marshawn Lynch will be UNSTOPPABLE. In a few months you will hopefully see the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Jimmy Graham has played in the NFL for five  years now. Jimmy is just the perfect height (6’7″) and weight(265 lbs) to be the best tight end the Seahawks could think of.     Jimmy has made three Pro Bowl appearances  in the past three years. I think that he was New Orleans Saints(quarterback) Drew Brees‘s favorite target. So keep an eye on him for me, please?

Last year Jimmy played for the New Orleans Saints.

Last year Jimmy played for the New Orleans Saints.


Summer is a time to be outside and have fun. But, you cannot build a snowman in summer! Do you know the movie Frozen? Well, I do and there is this little cute snowman named Olaf in this video. He dreams of actually surviving and enjoying summer.

But, of course he can’t be in summer, because he would turn into a puddle. As I said summer is a time to get outside!


It is also very hot in summer so dress lightly, not in snow coats(unless you go to a mountain over the summer). I like to go swimming, I also enjoy skiing on Mt. Hood in summer.

My family likes to go to OMSI in summer.

My family likes to go to OMSI in summer.

My family enjoys going to Brookings, OR in summer

My family enjoys going to Brookings, OR in summer.


My family loves to go to Tryon Creek in summer.


What do you like to do in summer?


All the students in second grade(at my school) are turning into a animal. My animal is a snow leopard. Snow leopards live in the high mountain ranges of Asia. It is an endangered animal because it is hunted for it’s fur, and farmers kill them to defend their livestock. Not many people know about them ( the San Diego zoo is lucky enough to have one). Their white and black spotted fur makes them very hard to see. Some of their prey are rodents, hares, game birds, wild sheep and mountain goats. They are about 5-8 feet (from head to tail).

Here is how ecosystems work:



Here is a VoiceThread about  Ecosystems:

Do you like Snow Leopards?

What animal would you like to be?

What animal are you? You don’t need to answer this question!)

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is going around the world, fast! Stanley Lambchop is a child who was flattened by a bulletin board. We now make replicas of him like this one:image

You can fit him in an envelope so that you can send him off on an adventure! If you send him to other relatives they need to have time to do things with Stanley.

Some kids sent their Flat Stanley to a few of their relatives/friends:

Stanley is sitting with George W Bush.

Stanley is sitting with George W Bush.

Stanley with the president

Stanley with the president.

Stanley is at the top of Mt. Everest.

Stanley is at the top of Mt. Everest.

Stanley is with  penguins.

Stanley is with penguins.

Stanley at the Academy Awards with Clint Eastwood

Stanley at the Academy Awards with Clint  Eastwood.


Stanley has gone to lots of places. My teacher made an iMovie with Stanley in Hollywood.

As you can see Stanley has gone many places! I’m sending my Stanley to New York City.

I'm sending Stanley to "The Big Apple!"

I’m sending Stanley to “The Big Apple!”

Do you know Flat Stanley? Where will/would you send Stanley to?


Africa Bridge

Africa Bridge is a program that helps Tanzanian children in need. It was all started by a man named Barry Childs. He started it when he went back Tanzania in 1999. He saw positive changes, but he also saw bad things caused by poverty and disease. Barry Childs had a hope and love for the children in Tanzania. He wanted them to have a bright future.

Bary Childs(right) gives a soccer ball to Tanzanian kid(left)

Barry Childs (left) gives a soccer ball to student (right).

Over the past years Stafford Primary students have  donated their money to Tanzanian children through Africa Bridge and the Read to Feed/Read to Build Reading Challenge Project. My school Stafford Primary has also been a big part of this project. Stafford Primary has raised over 17,000 dollars for the children in Tanzania. This has helped them build more than 4 classrooms and hundreds of benches for students. It has also helped them send many kids to school.

In this video you see Tanzanian students doing their traditional activities.  Barry Childs also talks about his experience:

A large number of people go to bed hungry in Tanzania every day. Now that amount is being reduced by the work of Africa Bridge. They also bring people together by connecting schools. We now have 4 buddy schools in Tanzania that we are helping. It feels good to help the Tanzanian children in need!

Do you know about Africa Bridge? How will you make a difference in the world?


My Spring Break

I had a lot of fun on my Spring Break. I did lots of things on my break. Let me tell you about some of them:

First, I went to the Chinese Garden on my break. The Chinese Garden has a lot of cool places hidden around the garden. If you are on one of their many bridges you can see an old time Chinese building that looks like this:

We saw this building at the garden!

These people are doing Tai Chi!

The Chinese Garden is a great place to meditate and relax.

Secondly, our family visited the redwoods. The Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi was filmed there. Redwoods are some of the oldest trees in the world. Some Redwoods grow taller than fifty grown men! They are also very wide:


Redwoods are huge!                                                                   I can fit under a Redwood!

We saw an up-rooted Redwood and there must have have been twenty roots. Redwoods are only found in certain places(nice rainy places).

That’s what my spring break was like! I hope it’s great next year!

What was your spring break 


 What was your favorite thing that you did on spring break?


My Character Strenghts

Here are my two top character strengths:

  1. Humor. Humor is when you cheer someone up. For example, if you’re sad and feeling blue and I walk over to you and I try my hardest  to make you laugh. That is what humor is.
  2. Love of learning. Love of learning is when you love to collect knowledge and ask a lot of questions. For example, Albert Einstein(a famous scientist) had Love of learning. That is what love of learning means.

Those are my top two character strengths. We all have character strengths, we just need to find them in ourselves. It is also great to see character strengths in other people and not just in yourself. When you notice other people’s character strengths you should tell them right away.

What are your character strengths?  

What are some of your friend’s character strengths?

Squirrel and Hawk

I am talking from the Hawk in this video’s perspective in this piece of writing.

I am sitting on a branch. I see a squirrel, suddenly I think about the chicks in my nest. I dive, the chase is on! While I’m diving I feel the wind ruffle my feathers. I miss the first time. But, I am still on him. The thought of my chicks is keeping me up. I am gliding at 10 *mph. I taste the wind in my mouth. Then all of a sudden I think “will I catch him or not?” While I am thinking about this I let my prey slip into the shelter of an oak tree. Noooooooo! I grieve in frustration.


  Do you like this video? Why?

Do you like squirrel or hawk more? Why?

What is your favorite part of the video? Why?