About Me

My name is Phillip. I am from Oregon, USA. My favorite subject in school is PE and Music. In my free time I like to play football and jump on the trampoline. An interesting fact is I live on a farm and I have many animals. I go to Stafford School. My favorite food is lasagna. I was born in 2006. I’m 8 years old.

  1. Hello, Phillip, and welcome to the Edublogs challenge! I am Cyndi, your mentor, and I will be following your progress and encouraging you along the way. I also like football, even though my team is doing poorly. 🙁 I can’t wait to see what great things you have in store!

  2. Hi Phillip
    My favorite subject is PE as well. I play soccer as well, I play it 4 times a week and really enjoy playing all sports.

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